Safety is the most critical aspect of any business, no matter what industry you are in. In any workplace setting, employees should feel safe from hazards, harmful gases and explosion risks throughout their day. Although businesses and companies have an obligation to protect their workers from getting injured, it is also a moral responsibility to demonstrate care to all employees.

SENKO develops and manufactures cutting edge sensor technology in Korea, holding 15 patents for its designs. These sensors are then further incorporated into the SENKO gas detection instruments and, combined with an additional 8 patents related to its devices and systems, provide an end-to-end total safety solution for you. With commitment to worldwide certifications, SENKO continues to see rapid growth through satisfied customers. At SENKO, our desire is to seek to understand your needs with the goal to meet or exceed them.

We are indeed very glad to see SENKO products in action to save millions of lives and property assets around the world. When your employees leave for work, we ensure that our SENKO products will have them return home safely to their loved ones.